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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A. Goals and Objectives (Continued)

o Develop and have approved a new performance reporting form for the
Talent Search program.

o Grantees must pursue four goals:

- enhance participants1 motivation to complete secondary school;

- increase application rates to postsecondary Institutions;

- increase participant's knowledge of educational opportunities and
availability of financial aid;

- increase the number of accurate applications for student financial

B.  Progress and Accomplishments

o The Department implemented cost-effective monitoring procedures. These
included extensive telephone monitoring, reviews of annual performance
reports and other data, and on-site cross-program monitoring.

o The Department issued 167 noncompeting continuation awards.

o The proposed new performance reporting form was not approved by OMB
and a revised form is being developed.

o The new project monitoring procedures were used to assess accomplishment
of the four goals established for the grantees.

C.  Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

Program Scope: In FY 1984, the Department made 167 continuation awards
for an average award of $105,558. The projects provided services to an
estimated 190,800 participants at an average cost per participant of $92.
Total program awards were $17,628,233.

Program Effectiveness: Program data for FY 1982 (the latest available)
show that 23,285 clients were placed in postsecondary education, with an
additional 13,180 accepted but not yet enrolled. About 5,102 actual or
potential dropouts were persuaded to return to school or college.

D.  Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendationsfor Legislation

The Administration did not request funds for this program 1n order to focus
limited funding on the higher priority Upward Bound and Special Services
for Disadvantaged Students programs. The requirement that participants
would be first generation college students would be deleted.bjectives